Our Services

Our services include

Can making

Manufacturing of various types of cans, such as metal cans, glass cans, plastic cans, etc. This includes can design, raw material procurement, processing and production.

Packaging design

We provide packaging design services, including the design and customization of outer boxes, labels, stickers, etc., according to customers' needs and product characteristics.

Printing and logo

Provide printing services to print customer's brand logo, product information and other design elements onto the cans to increase product recognition and brand value.

Customized production

Provide customized can production services according to customer requirements, including customization of special shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, etc.

Quality control

Ensure quality control during the production process, including quality inspection of raw materials, monitoring of the production process and quality verification of the final product.

Technical Support

Provide technical support related to can making and packaging, answer customers' questions, provide solutions and suggestions.